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We build tested-and-true creative strategies for sharing your ideas with the world

Experience we bring our best in:

Responsive Web Design

Aletheia Creative provides neatly coded, boutique web design. We focus on search engine optimization (SEO), mobile-responsive development, content writing, interactive animations, e-commerce and many other effective features needed for winning on the web. Web and social media marketing strategies are developed around email list building and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Graphic Design

Along with web design, our skill sets include branding, photography, print, promotional/trade show resources, 3D product mockups and everything in between. If you are in need of rebranding, Aletheia Creative can help you find a brand identity that tells your story, communicates your values, and reaches your target audience.

Video Production & Animation

Whether you need a creative story film that lifts your brand awareness or a product sculpted in 3D space, we can produce a visual piece that portrays the very best in your organization, story, or event. 4k HDR films can be produced for a myriad of media platforms ranging from those requiring HQ A/V broadcast standards to multifaceted social media campaigns.

Creative Marketing

We believe that excellence in all of these areas is achieved through a holistic creative process and a constant drive to forge ideas that generate results. Otherwise, the very best web experiences, market research efforts, and brand awareness campaigns are fruitless. Allow Aletheia Creative to help you tell your story, proactively expand the reach of your brand and make an impression that lasts.

We showcase life in your work

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Aletheia Creative is certified in Google Search & Video Advertising. Every film project is plotted and planned with ROI in mind. This reel highlights various works captured & edited by us, for our clients.

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About Us the values that shape the strategy

Matthew Weits

CEO | Creative Strategy Director

  • Creativity

    The begining & end of every project revolves around creativity. From the plans we implement to the way we utlilize resources, we believe creativity lives in every individual. Our organization exists to ignite the fires of productive creativity inside every organization.

  • Transparency

    Down to our personal beliefs, operating as a transparent agency is one of our top values. We believe trustworthy character & delivered promises are what set us apart as a better partner for stewarding your organizations image.

  • Value

    We pride ourselves on our ability to add value to your organization through more than just creative resources. By operating with low-overhead, well-stewarded resources, & a desire to bring a superior product at a competitive price, we are able to maximize the return on investment that is experienced as a result of your partnering with us.

  • Care

    Punctuality, attention to detail, & organization. We capitalize on every moment that is spent sifting through details to effectively portray the value you add to your specific audience. The goal is always excellence & the means is always focus.

  • Discovery

    We are an organization of incurable learners who are dedicated to finding solutions that help you stand out. Leveraging all digital, promotional, & social platforms, alongside an expert knowledge in gathering market intel, we are equipped & ready to create a lasting impression for your organization or event all across the web.

Tools we work with

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Video Editors, Motion Graphics Artists, and Graphic Designers in Pensacola, Florida
  • Facebook Business Manager Advertising Experts
  • FlyWheel Wordpress Hosting Affiliates
  • East Coast 3D Animators leveraging Cinema 4D as a post production editing house
  • Certified Digital Marketers who work with Google Adwords Non-Profit Grants and Adwords Express
  • Expert Front-End Developers Proficient in HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript extension libraries in Pensacola, FL
  • Top Digital Marketers that work with Hubspot CRM, Sales, and Marketing Tools
  • Electronic Direct Mail Experts in Mailchimp and Integrations
  • Photorealistic True Color Animation and Production Company
  • Best Back-end developers proficient in PHP and MySQL database management
  • ReactJS front end web app developers
  • Experienced consultants who leverage salesforce and Pardot SEO, email and digital marketing tools
  • Top Shopify E-Commerce Experts in the Southeastern United States
  • Squarespace Templated Website Designers & Photgraphers
  • Subsplash Church App design experts in the Bible Belt
  • Vimeo Business Video Marketing Plans
  • Webflow Desginer and Developer-A visual way to build the web‎
  • WooCommerce E-Commerce Platform Design & Template Development
  • Wordpress CMS Blog Designers & Custom Plugin Developers in Pensacola, FL
  • Zapier Automation Specialists

Thoughtsstraight from those we value most, our clients

No agency in my 30+ years in business matches the professionalism, creativity or passion of Aletheia Creative. From app design to web design, from marketing to creative branding elements, Matthew is truly gifted in how he uncovers the perfect positioning and promotions portfolio for an organization. Dr. Jim Harris - Founder // The Kingdom Institute
One of the best things about Matthew and Aletheia Creative is their ability to modify their approach based on the industry they work with. I was very comfortable with Aletheia Creative Agency because they did not take a "cookie cutter" approach to working with our law firm. From web design to video production, Aletheia is a creative agency whose expertise I respect. Laura Branch - Business Development Coordinator // Clark Partingington
Aletheia Creative Agency can do it all! They can take your vision to the moon and back. These guys have the ability to bring ideas to life and tell the story of your brand with excellence. Matt Arnold - Creative & Worship Pastor // Momentum Church

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